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Giving Party
July 24, 2016
Hello,  My name is Kedarious Colbert, Founder of Academic and Community Empowerment (ACE).  Academic and Community Empowerment is an organization committed to providing academic support and access to community resources for young men and women of color throughout ...
1st Year College Basket
August 06, 2017
Hello All, Thank you all for your donations to ACE last year; the event was a great success. This year, we're looking to do it all again. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we're running on a TIGHT deadline, but I am certain we can reach our goal. Your support, be it a monetary gift or do...


Check out our very own Stevie Johnson's (DJ View) Ted Talk!! 

If you have time, please check out the pre-event news article written in the Longview News Journal.