Our Programs
Committed to the educational excellence and empowered minds
We offer a variety of programs to help build up young students and create a better academic environment and community. Programs include scholarships, mentorship, tutoring, events, and more.

A.C.E. Scholarships

The A.C.E. scholarship is offered to students that have a vision for a better, smarter, and a stronger city. Each year we hold a special ceremony to honor our scholarship winner(s). Additionally, we will provide mentorship throughout their academic matriculation.
Students interested in applying should 1) click programs and 2) scholarship application. 

Let's Talk - A.C.E.

A seminar led by local male community leaders centered on discussions that impact the male community of color. 
Issues stemming from Health, Incarceration, Education, Sex, and Fostering Long-term Relationships are a few topics. 

Chew On This

Chew on this is a seminar on dining etiquette for youth, both men and women in our community. 

Dressing for Success. 

The event will feature a guest speaker from the community that will present over the Do's and Don’ts of professional dress. 

Goal: Teach each male in attendance how to tie a tie! 

How To Get There

A college awareness seminar discussing the many avenues to attaining post-secondary education. This seminar will focus on SAT/ACT preparation, College Admissions, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and much more.